About Us

Building Online Sales


The best advise that I can give to anyone looking to start a direct selling business is that you will not get rich quick overnight. It takes time and consistency to develop and build relationships with your customers and team members. In the end, those of us that succeed are the ones that never give up on their goals and dreams. I have learned this to be true for everyday life too.

Work from Anywhere


The beauty of this business is that you can work on-the-go with a smart phone, tablet or laptop.  Sip your favorite cup of coffee or tea in the coffee shop or dinner and work online.  Want to knock on doors?  You can do that too.  Stay at home and work in your pjs, hey that’s ok too!  I have built my business online using social media, my blogs and email correspondence with customers.  You can do this too.

Socially Beautiful

Because I have a passion and love for coloring, I create images that can be used on social media to help promote and gain interest in my beauty business.  These are a few of my favorites from my Instagram feed.  You can view/follow me here:  https://www.instagram.com/libeautyboss

Always Learning

To succeed in this business or any business you always have to be learning.  Always looking for new ways to get your message out and sharing with as many people as possible.

Next Steps…

If you’re currently a representative and find this blog helpful, please share (icons below this post). If you’ve been thinking about joining the direct sales industry and have an interest in becoming a beauty boss, reach out to me with any questions you have. Remember, knowledge is power and the only bad questions are the ones you don’t ask.