Campaign 10 Demo Book 2019

Campaign 10 Demo Book 2019 – What’s New Avon Campaign 10 2019 for Representatives


In Campaign 10 Demo Book 2019 Avon introduces the new ANEW Vitamin C collection!

Campaign 10 Demo Book 2019

Order demos, samples and stock up items from the What’s New for C10 2019 with your representative order during C8 or C9. The purpose of having demos and samples is to be able to share and show your local customers new items that will be coming soon. For ‘online’ customers, I do this by offering samples by mail and posting on social media.


Campaign 10 Demo Book 2019


Be sure to take advantage of demo opportunities, especially fashion – wear it, share it, show it.  I love getting compliments when I’m out on my fashion and jewelry, great conversation starter without being pushy.


For more information about Avon Demos, contact your Leadership Representative or send me a message and I’ll be happy to answer your questions.  Send Message Now.


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